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Bathroom Vanity Design

A bathroom vanity is a combination of a sink and the storage structure around it. A bathroom vanity can be the most important part of a bathroom. It attracts everyone’s focus. It can be become stylish or even simple but elegant as per your taste. Royal Homz Innteriio provides the best collection of bathroom vanities in Delhi and NCR. You can choose a double sink or single sink vanity with top or not. Vanities have different sizes, colors, style and shapes. It is most commonly depends on client’s budget.

How to choose vanity for bathroom

For choosing a bathroom vanity size is the major object to be chosen wisely for bathroom. Vanity  can meet all the requirements of style, color, size and space. It is more likely important to check there enough space has to be left for rest bathroom things and where can be move around with ease. Bathroom vanities comes in widths. We can create custom size vanity for our client’s bathroom and as per their needs.

Royal Homz Innteriio is the Best Hindware Tiles Showroom in Delhi, which gives best Vanity designs in Delhi.

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Bathroom vanity design
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bathroom vanity design

Types of Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom vanity can be traditional or a custom bathroom vanity, before you begin make sure there is enough space to achieve the design you are looking for. A Best Vanity for Bathrooms includes sink, countertop, storage area for linens, mirrors etc. There are 6 vanity designs which are pedestal, freestanding, floating, undermounted sink, vessel, cabinet.

Pedestal Vanity

floating vanity

Floating Vanity


Vessel vanity

undermounted vanity

Under-Mount Sink

cabinet vanity

Cabinet Vanity

free standing vanity

Free-Standing Vanity

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